POSSIBILITIES – Where to in 2017?

By January 17, 2017Articles, Featured

Here we find ourselves at the beginning of another year. It seems only a few ‘seconds’ ago that we were welcoming 2016 in and now it’s already 2017. At this time of year it is customary to reflect on the year just gone and take from it the learning and distinctions that we can and look forward into the New Year with the hope of experiencing something different or even better. Health is often the centre of such resolutions as we tell ourselves that this is the year to get better, stronger, fitter, healthier, thinner etc.

Have you noticed that you have a tendency during ‘normal’ operations throughout the year that you get caught up in thinking small? Do you worry about the little stuff? – Things like what you are going to do this week, how are you going to pay off that bill, how will you handle a certain issue that has come up, what about the teacher, co-worker or next door neighbour who is giving you a rough time?

It’s times like now, the beginning of a New Year, that you get the opportunity to explore the possibilities that are before you and we challenge you to think big. William James said it this way:

“I HAVE NO DOUBT whatever that most people live whether physically, intellectually, or morally, in a very restricted circle of their potential being. They make use of a very small portion of their possible consciousness. …Much like the man who, out of his whole body organism, should get into a habit of using and moving only his little finger. …We all have reservoirs of life to draw upon, of which we do not dream!”

Our challenge to you at this time of year is to expand yourself to create a vision for yourself that will incorporate the infinite sea of possibilities that is deep within you. It is not dependant upon anyone else or any other circumstances – it comes from inside and flows out. Now is as good a time as any for you to access more of your potential isn’t it?
The challenge before you is whether you will see the possibilities – seize the possibilities – discover the possibilities and action the possibilities or whether they melt away into the history of resolutions from the past.
How do I do this you may ask? If it’s all within, how do I unlock it?

The chiropractic perspective is that you have all of your resources within and the only thing that stops them from expressing them is interference. As far as your health is concerned one of the greatest interferences we know of is interference to your brain, spine and nerve system. This is why, we see people every day being more of who they are meant to be when they get adjusted and have their subluxations removed.

Another associated interference is your beliefs. It is amazing how your beliefs hold you back. The beliefs you have about yourself, others and life are sufficient enough to stop you seeing the possibilities that are right in front of you.
So, how do you work with your beliefs?

Firstly, Be aware of your beliefs. Your values drive your beliefs, your beliefs drive your neurology, your neurology drives your behaviours and your behaviours manifest your potential. A great way for you to get an awareness of this is to do the in8model® free quiz.

Secondly, Challenge every belief that you are aware of including your in8model® Quadrants and ask yourself, is this belief useful – does this belief serve me? How can I get to where I want to get with the beliefs that I currently have?
If you are looking forward into the New Year with the hope of experiencing something different or even better, you must be clear on where you have been, where you are and where you want to go.

Here’s to an amazing 2017. May your inner potential show itself in countless ways and forms and may you express the greatness that is you this year.