Happy belated Harmony Day everybody!

And what a wonderful day it was. Last month, on 21st March 2016, Australia celebrated inclusiveness, respect and a sense of belonging for everybody through Harmony Day. Furthermore, the day before Harmony Day, on 20th March 2016, we celebrated International Happiness Day – woohoo! I’m sure you’re still cleaning up from your outrageous parties.

For the more internal party animals amongst us, I hope it gave you a chance to look internally and reflect. How are you ensuring harmony, happiness and even health into your lives, and the lives of others? Is it something that you currently spend much energy on?

When I think of harmony, I think of events and activities processing together in a smooth and flowing way. Ease. Within our bodies, and within our daily lives. Much like a well-orchestrated musical piece. Where all instruments are working together to produce an impeccable outcome in beautiful tone. The founder of chiropractic, DD Palmer, even said this;

Life is the expression of tone.”

In that sentence is the basic principle of Chiropractic. Tone is the normal degree of nerve tension. Tone is expressed in functions by normal elasticity, activity, strength and excitability of the various organs, as observed in a state of health. Consequently, the cause of dis-ease is any variation of tone—nerves too tense or too slack.”.

Therefore, we have tone within our bodies producing a harmonious outcome; life. Are you ensuring internal harmony for your body? What about your children? This is done through a myriad of factors including; physically, chemically and emotionally, as well as ensuring a well functioning brain and nervous system to tie these factors together. What are you doing, playing, eating, drinking, breathing, reading, saying, hearing? Is it constructive, or destructive? Does it take you closer to a state of harmony, or further away? Remember, as our internal health, so is our external health. Our lives, our days, our moments. Harmony throughout these external events? Well, let’s have a think…

When we wake in the morning, we have a full day ahead of us, packed with potential! Each decision we make can bring us closer to a state of harmony, or further away. Do we wake ready to get started on creating magic in our lives, or do we hit snooze on our alarms to delay our day? Do we make and eat a nutritious breakfast at home, or do we quickly grab something packaged and eat it in a flurry on our way to work? Do we live our lives in congruence with how we feel on the inside and who we truly are, or do we push that away and instead, live as we think we SHOULD live or be as we think we SHOULD be? I encourage you to reflect on your day and how you are choosing to spend it. It can truly be a powerful exercise to run through your day and question each and every action to see if there are any incongruences.

So to recap so far, we’ve touched on harmonious internal health, harmonious external life/health, but what about a harmonious community? My my, here we’re REALLY getting to the good stuff.

Yesterday, I went to the shops to get a few odds and ends for home. As I walked into a store, I couldn’t help but overhear two ladies chatting. From what I could gather, these ladies did not know each other. In fact, the older of the two had walked over and begun lavishly complimenting the younger lady on her magnificent outfit and how wonderful she looked that day. As you can imagine, this made ME giddy with glee, let alone the woman who was receiving the compliment! What a difference one comment can make. Last week, something similar… A woman brought her sister in for a complimentary posture and health check as she knows how powerful getting adjusted will be for her sister and her sister’s family (updated note: it has been powerful). What a difference this small act can make! These acts of kindness can truly bring a sense of happiness to others, and create harmony in a community. Remember, we are all connected. Knowing this interconnectedness is one thing; feeling this and contributing to this is something completely different.

Harmony Day and International Day of Happiness. I personally think it’s no coincidence that these two wonderful days fall so closely together. Can happiness exist without harmony? While I let you decide for sure on that one, I’m going to pop my party hat back on and get celebrating again. Writing this article has got me back in the mood for celebrating inclusiveness, respect and a sense of belonging for everybody. I’ll probably invite my new neighbour over!


Caroline xx