Happy Birthday Chiropractic!

By September 16, 2016Articles

This month we are celebrating Chiropractic’s birthday, hip-hip hurray!!

This wonderful profession celebrates 121 years of life on September 18, marking the day that Dr Daniel David Palmer delivered the first chiropractic adjustment in 1895 Davenport, Iowa.

The recipient of the first momentous chiropractic adjustment was Harvey Lillard, who had described to DD Palmer that he had lost hearing in his left ear 17 years previously after working in a ‘cramped, stooping position’ and felt something give way in his back, immediately bringing on the deafness. DD Palmer examined his spine, locating a misaligned vertebra and hypothesized that this was the cause of Harvey’s deafness. DD Palmer adjusted Harvey, and his hearing returned almost instantly.

So successful was the adjustment, that DD Palmer thought he had found the cure for deafness. From that moment, DD dedicated himself to the location and realignment of spinal vertebra, experiencing exciting positive benefits in a wide variety of health concerns. DD Palmer discovered that chiropractic was in fact not a cure for anything, but simply a way of allowing the body to work better by removing nerve interference caused by dysfunction of the spine.

Birthdays are a great reminder to celebrate, reflect and most of all show gratitude for all the blessings in our lives. What are you most grateful in your life? Why do you love getting your family and yourself checked and adjusted?

One of the things I am most grateful for is my privilege to work with the amazing, innate ability of the body to self heal and self regulate. I am grateful that chiropractic respects the ‘inner doctor’ that lives within each of us, and by removing interference to the nervous system our bodies can function at their optimum potential. I am grateful to serve individuals and families and support their journey towards greater health. I am grateful that DD Palmer had the inspiration to deliver the very first adjustment!

Developer of chiropractic, BJ Palmer put it nicely,

‘The beauty about Chiropractic is the fact that it works with natural means. It puts nothing new into the body, nor does it take away any natural gland or organ. Chiropractic simply releases life forces within the body, sets free rivulets of energy over nerves, and lets nature do her work in a normal manner.’

It is as simple as that.

In celebration of chiropractic’s birthday we at Coast Chiropractic would love to share with you the gift of inviting a friend or family member to share in the benefits of chiropractic. Ask us for more information.

Thank you wonderful people, for loving what I love.