Book – SD Protocol By Dr. Wayne Todd

By July 5, 2016Resources

About SD Protocol:

The SD Protocol looks at our evolutionary body and makes senseof why we just don’t have one symptom or problem but a cascade of health issues that will snowball until every system in the body is affected, both physically and mentally. Dr. Todd with his 30 years of clinical experience, research and continuing education has nailed the modern health dilemma and succinctly put together this book, which addresses modern health issues that will revolutionise the way we look at modern disease.

We can no longer just look at diet, or function or symptoms, we must take a holistic approach to this modern syndrome that Dr. Todd has so eloquently and simply outlined. This is not a one pill wonder – they never work for long, but this is an approach that touches on many aspects of a lifestyle in order to make lasting change.

Dr. Wayne Todd in this revolutionary book not only looks at the problem but gives very simple solutions for change that synchronise with our evolutionary bodies.You will find yourself nodding as you read through the common sense solutions.

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