Structure Rules

By July 14, 2016Articles

The structure of your house makes it function as a house, the structure of your car makes it function as a car, the structure of your body makes it function as a body. The question in these observations is how well is your house, car or body functioning? This is directly related to how organized the structure is. Foundations out of whack, wheels out of alignment or a distorted body give function that is less than optimum.

Every physical (and even non physical) thing in the universe has a structure to it and how it functions depends on how its structure is.

Chiropractic is built on the knowledge that the structure of a person’s brain, spine and nerve system has a direct influence on the function of their body and their life. The subluxation complex involves a disturbed structure and therefore altered function. This accumulates over time.

Let’s consider the functions that take place in a child’s body as they grow. A newborn baby girl will dribble 145 litres of saliva by her 1st Birthday; she’ll crawl 150 km before she’s 2. In her life, she’ll pass 40,000 litres of urine. Over the next 10 years she’ll learn a new word every 2 hours. In 10yrs her heart will have beats 368 million times, she will grow 28 metres of fingernails, she will grow 950km hair on her head and 2 metres up her nose, by 21 she will breathe 3½ million balloons of air. She’ll produce 200 billion red blood cells every day, she’ll shed 19kg of dead skin, she’ll blink over 415 million times and her eyes can distinguish 1 million colors.

She’ll eat for 3½ years, she’ll consume 7300 eggs, consume 160kg chocolate, spend 6 months on the loo. She’ll spend a little over 12yrs watching T.V. and 2½yrs on telephone.

In her relationships, she’ll be able to put a name to over 2000 people, around 150 of them she’ll call her friends. She’ll spend 2 weeks kissing, she’ll work a total of 8years, she’ll have sex 2580 times with 5 different people, falling in love only twice. If she marries she’ll spend some AUD $20,000 on her wedding day. There’s a 60% chance she’ll stay married to first husband. She’ll have 2 children, 4 grandchildren.

In Africa she’s likely to live for 55 yrs., in Britain 79, North America till she’s 80, Australia and France to 82 and Japan 85. By the time she dies she’ll have walked 22,000 kms and talked for 12 years.

The course that our life takes is affected by every experience we have had. This little girl’s life is shaped by every action she’s taken, every person she’s met, every book she’s read, every TV program and movie she’s seen.

But above all of this, every distortion to her structure affects the way in which her life will play out. One degree of change to her course will make a huge difference in the journey of a lifetime.

Chiropractic research tells us that interference to a person’s nerve system inhibits their optimal expression rendering them less able to live life to its fullest.

It makes sense to ensure that every step of the little ones way is filled with growth-oriented support. It makes sense to optimize the function of our brain, spine and nerve system by attending to proper structure with the practice of good spinal hygiene from birth on.

Regular chiropractic care is an essential component of a well functioning life, enabling our little ones to reach closer to their potential as productive citizens on this amazing planet.

… Mark