Review….Is It Valuable?

By October 27, 2016Articles, Featured
Goal setting

At the start of the year we gave out a postcard with 5 questions on it asking you to get clarity on what you would like to create for the year ahead.  Remember? I admit, that was a whole 10 months ago!   If you still have it and completed the task, go now and review what you had written down.

The Cambridge dictionary defines review as “to think or talk about something again, in order to make changes to it or make a decision about it”.

How often do we look back at our year and review what we have accomplished, achieved, gained, created or what we haven’t done?  Do we make notes on what worked and didn’t work, do we plan for the year ahead, do we just think “man where has this his year gone”.

For the last couple of months, I have been doing a big review and reflection on the year I have had, noted what has worked and hasn’t worked and looked at my goals and visions I had for 2016 to see if they have matched up with what I had actually created for my year.  There has been some change in my year and not everything on my list has come into fruition, but lots have and more has come into my life because I have had intention and goals.  What I’m about to do in November and December (it takes me a couple of months to plan) is to look at creating a plan for 2017.

Is it your health; business, family, relationship, money, school or job?  What are you willing to “review” for 2016 in order for you to make changes for a fabulous 2017.

Here are 5 simple steps to help you review 2016 and plan for 2017.

1.Write down your top 10 values i.e. joy, ease, wisdom, clarity, money.  (Get the list of values from CCK Reception)

2.Complete the “Demartini value work sheet” available from CCK Reception.

3.Compare your top ten values to where you spend all your time.

4.Ask yourself, for 2016, in my health, family, work, relationships, money:

  • What did I achieve?
  • What did I accomplish
  • What did I create?

5.Ask yourself, for 2017, for your health, family, work, relationships and money:

  • What can I achieve that will give me the 2017 I would love to have?
  • What can I accomplish that will give me the 2017 I would love to have?
  • What can I create that that will give me the 2017 I would love to have?

What would it take for this year to be the change you desire?  I invite you to the possibility of  review.  Enjoy the process, and please, if you have any questions, doesn’t hesitate to ask me or any of the team members here at Coast Chiropractic Kawana.

… Susan