Regain and maintain optimum posture

To regain and maintain an optimum posture, firstly, be consciously aware of your posture and how you hold your body on a daily basis. It is important to know exactly if or how your posture differs from what is considered normal so that you know what to work on. From the side view, in the standing position the following anatomical areas should line up in a vertical line, your ear, the tip of the shoulder, the hip joint, the middle of the knee and the ankle bone.

One way of improving posture is by imagining that a string is attached to the top of your head and is pulling up towards the sky, not enough to lift you off the ground but just enough to stretch you just a little taller.

Below are a few more ideas that may help:

* Avoid lying in bed reading or watching TV, using pillows to prop your neck up.

* Use a pillow that supports your neck more so than your head and try to avoid sleeping on your front as this can create distortion throughout the spine.

* What about that comfy lounge suite that you feel your self slumping into? Perhaps try sitting on a stool, a swiss ball or just sitting on the floor.

* If you are ever focusing on something for long periods of time it is important to take short breaks often, just to move your body around.

* Avoid giving children large school bags as they will tend to fill it with more stuff, which equals more weight. This often results in their bodies having to leaning further forward in order to counteract the increased weight, therefore setting the stage for bad posture.

* Avoid wearing high heeled shoes as this tends to place more pressure on the lumbar spine as the body attempts to bring its centre of gravity backwards.

Postural changes can take some time but by reminding yourself to hold the body in a correct position, over time it will become automatic and the specific muscles will strengthen, therefore allowing you to hold your body upright in an effortlessly way.

I wish you all the success and benefits of having great posture!