Exercise – Supine Core Activation

Blog - Supine Core Activation

Here is an exercise to help increase flexibility in your low back and hips.

START: Lie on your back with knees bent and slightly apart. Place the finger tips of one hand just inward from you hip bone and finger of the other hand just below your sternum.

MOVEMENT: 1. Perform an abdominal draw pulling inward approximately 1” toward the floor without flattening out your low back. Your should feel a light muscle contraction under your finger tips. 2. This exercise may also be learned by taking a full inspiration followed by a full expiration. Once you have fully exhaled you have performed an abdominal draw. Hold this abdominal position while allowing yourself to breathe normally. 3. You have performed this properly if you are able to maintain this abdominal draw position and able to breathe and/or talk without difficulty.