The Missing Link – Quest Event

Perth 27-29 Oct 2017

In this amazing seminar weekend we’ll show you how to break free from the SOS that bogs you down and get control over your life again.

You can use these techniques to have a life of impact, reclaiming you life, relationships and career, and in the process take control of your world!


Book launch of “Generation Failure And The In8model Educator Revolution”

Perth – Friday 27th October – 6pm to 9pm

Join us at the premiere launch of this groundbreaking book “Generation Failure and The in8model® Educator Revolution”.

The current education system is failing to prepare the next generation for our fast-paced, ever-changing world whilst leaving educators overwhelmed with the ever- increasing demands. In this Workshop and Book launch you will learn about the in8model®  and understand how to practically apply the in8model® to create learning environments that cater for all parts of the child’s brain