Abundance can be talked about in several different contexts, financial abundance, abundance of resources, an abundance of knowledge, information, etc.
It can also be referred to as the ability to do what you want to do, when you want to do it. In essence what it brings us is a sense of freedom.

Opportunities to act, speak, or think without any externally imposed restraints.

When we look at it from this perspective, we may ask ourselves what is it that restricts us from being in a constant state of abundance. More often than not, it is the restrictions we place on ourselves by not allowing this state to manifest. Our own ‘stinking thinking’ all too often can be the leading barrier to creating a state of abundance in our lives.

Have you noticed an area in your life where you feel restricted and are unable to carry out the things you desire? We need to let what is on the inside shine through, and trust that we have the potential for greatness. Abundance is a state of mind put into action. Our thoughts have the potential to manifest our greatest desires in our physical world. It is just a matter of access. So the first step is to perhaps bring some awareness to those ‘blocks or stops’ we sometimes hold in our mind. Awareness alone will help remove and dissolve much of the resistance. Secondly we need to trust ourselves and this will open up all possibilities, have a firm reliance on your own abilities.

When a climate of abundance exists, all things come easier.